26 of the Best Wineries in Washington State You’ll Love

As prices rise in California‘s best-known wine regions like Napa, more and more people are looking to Washington State as the next big name in US wine.

I’ll help you plan that visit by taking you through where the wine regions are in Washington, 26 fantastic wineries in Washington.

Rotie Cellars is a Walla Walla-based winery in the Rocks area with a tasting room in Seattle’s SODO. If you like the wines of Cote du Rhone then this is the winery for you.

Rotie Cellars


Sleight of Hand was founded in 2007 by Trey Busch and Jerry and Sandy Solomon. Their signature wine is the Archimage which is a Cabernet Franc and Merlot blend.

Sleight of Hand


Today House of Smith is the largest independent and winemaker-owned winery in Washington State and has seven different brands.

House of Smith


Chateau Ste Michelle produces a large range of wines and has several different brands. Their signature white wine is Riesling.

Chateau Ste Michelle


Efeste’s first vintage in 2005 was actually made with grapes from California. They started growing their own grapes in Washington in 2007.



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