25 Most Dangerous Countries in the World (2023) Revealed

For this list, we’re looking at countries that are not technically at war. So regions like Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other conflict zones are largely omitted.

Here are the 25 most dangerous countries in the world (and their gun death stats), in no particular order.

The US Virgin Islands have a seriously high gun death rate per 100 000 people, given its size.

United States Virgin Islands


The Bahamas has a strong gang culture, affecting general safety in impoverished and urban areas.

The Bahamas


Gang and drug activity is common, though it primarily affects locals. Be sure not to be alone after dark, especially in isolated areas of the cities.

Puerto Rico


One statistical study compared brazil and we ranked brazil the most dangerous country in terms of the murder rate. This is despite our rates being top in terms of violent gun crime.



Honduras has an alarming homicide rate partly because of the strong gun culture.



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