23 Most Gorgeous Islands in Greece You Can’t Miss

These Mediterranean islands are also home to intriguing historical sights, warm and hospitable locals, and scrumptious foods.

For those of you who want a more unique experience, then this list of the 23 most beautiful islands in Greece is just for you.

A must-see is the colourful fishing village of Klima and the nearby ruins of a Roman theatre that’s said to be 4000 years old.



Across Andros, you’ll find mountainous landscapes, trickling rivers, lush vegetation, and typical Greek villages.



Whether you’re looking to party or relax, Paros is the perfect tourist destination for you. If you’re seeking some festivities during your time here, be sure to stay in the Parikia area.



You can spend your days taking part in an array of water sports like scuba diving, soaking up some Vitamin D on one of the many beaches.



It features beautiful beaches, lush forests, as well as castles, battlements, and churches left behind by its many inhabitants.



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