23 Best Tourist Attractions on the Drive From New York to Florida

New York has some remarkable historical attractions for you to see. And there are some fantastic landmarks in Florida too. But what about every other place in between?

This story will be your saving grace. With 23 fantastic tourist attractions on the drive from New York to Florida, there’s not a day that goes by where you’re not enthralled or entertained.

When you start a road trip in New York City, you can’t miss out on visiting this fantastic attraction.

Statue of Liberty – New York, NY


On your way back from Liberty Island, you can make a stop at the renowned Ellis Island and visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum – Jersey City, NJ


Your next stop should be downtown Newark, where Military Park is located. It’s one of the oldest green urban spaces in Newark.

Military Park – Newark, NJ


A symbol of freedom and independence in America, the Liberty Bell is a popular tourist destination.

Liberty Bell – Philadelphia, PA


With many trees, benches, and parks, Love Park is a popular place for festivals and pop-up events to take place.

Love Park – Philadelphia, PA


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