23 Amazing Barcelona Landmarks You Won’t Want to Miss

Barcelona has it all – beautiful beaches, a fantastic climate, a whopping 8 UNESCO sites, home to many of the extraordinary works of Gaudi and fantastic food.

Here are 23 Barcelona landmarks that you’ll want to see.

Casa Batlló is a big and beautiful building in the heart of Barcelona. Designed in 1904 by famed Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, it’s considered one of his most famous works of art.

Casa Batlló


This iconic basilica is truly one of a kind. Designed by the imaginative architect Antonio Gaudi, his signature creative style is on full display.

Basílica La Sagrada Familia


Park Güell is a fascinatingly fun park system in Barcelona. It’s another beautiful landmark designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí.

Park Güell


The Neo-Gothic cathedral features handsome stonework, vibrant stained-glass windows, and a large bronze statue of Jesus at the very top.

Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor


It includes all of his artistic periods including still life, surrealism, and sculptures, and has 4251 works in the permanent collection.

Picasso Museum


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