21 Most Peaceful Countries of the World | Safest and Happiest

With news outlets covering mostly violence and crime 24/7, it’s hard not to feel secure in this world.

That doesn’t mean safe and happy places do not exist, though. So to lighten up your day, have a look at this list of the most peaceful countries of the world.

The safest and most peaceful country in the world right now is Iceland. This small nation is described as a children’s paradise thanks to a low crime rate.



Apart from the calming visuals, the nation has specific laws, such as gun ownership limits, which reduce violent crime and murders.

New Zealand


Ireland’s crime rate is pretty low, which makes it generally safe all over. The most reported crime tends to be vandalism against property of a petty nature.



This happy nation has excellent political stability and offers some of the best working conditions. All these reasons and more have placed Denmark 8th in the top 10 Quality of Life Index.



This beautiful country has been rated the second most livable country in the world after Finland. You can definitely have an excellent quality of life in Austria.



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