21 Most Dangerous Roads in the World Travelers Need to Know

Any road can quickly turn into a nightmare under unfavourable conditions. But some roads will manage to terrify you even under the best weather.

These dangerous roads are common around the world. Their unique and remote geographical locations make them some of the scariest and deadliest roads in the world.

The Bayburt D915 is so dangerous that parts of the road are closed in winter due to the elevated chances of avalanches, snow blizzards, and other treacherous weather conditions.

Bayburt D915 (Turkey)


The Dalton Highway presents other dangers like cold strong winds and avalanches. This route is also relatively remote, with only three towns along the 666-km road.

Dalton Highway (Alaska)


While the Fairy Meadows Road in the Gilgit-Baltistan region may be shorter than most of the roads on this list, the drive is one of the most harrowing.

Fairy Meadows Road (Pakistan)


Known as the “road of no mistakes”, this 1.2-km road is one of the shortest scenic drives and one of the most hidden landmarks in China.

Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)


Karakoram Highway is the highest paved road in the world, situated at about 4,714 metres above sea level.

Karakoram Highway (Pakistan & China)


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