20 Glistening Fountains in Rome You Must Visit

When walking the streets of Rome virtually every corner seems to have a stunning Italian landmark. One of my favorite elements of Rome is the many beautiful fountains bubbling away across the city.

Today, Rome has more than 2000 fountains. These vary from the monumental fountains to the tiny. Here are 20 of the most beautiful fountains in Rome.

The Trevi Fountain is located at a junction of three roads and was one of the original sources of water in Ancient Rome.

Fontana di Trevi  (Trevi Fountain)


This fountain in Piazza Mattei features bronzed turtles jumping off its top level. The original fountain was designed in the 1580s by Giacomo Della Porta.

Fontana Della Tartarughe (Turtle Fountain)


The fountain was commissioned by Pope Urban VII and was created by Pietro Bernini and his son Gian Lorenzo.

Fontana Della Barcaccia (Fountain of the Leaky Boat)


The four fountains were commissioned by Pope Sixtus V and were installed between 1588 and 1593.

Quattro Fontane  (The Four Fountains)


The fountain was installed in 1927. However, it was moved to Piazza sell Emporio in 1935 due to unstable soil conditions in Piazza Testaccio.

Fontana Delle Anfore (Fountain of the Amphorae)


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