18 Fantastic Things to do in Medellin

This amazing city of 2 1/2 million has the big city energy and drive of a London or a New York. The Paisas are passionate full-on people and I adored them and their beautiful city of eternal spring.

The best places in Medellin are much more about experiences, exploring neighborhoods, eating fruit, and generally embracing the paisa life!

Museo de Antioquia Medellin contains a mix of sculptures and paintings by Botero – although it is heavier on the painting side.

Museo de Antioquia


There are 23 bronze sculptures in total in the Plaza Botero and they are all very photogenic – and attract many photographers.

Plazoleta de las Esculturas  (Plaza Botero)


This local Medellin museum is housed in an absolutely stunning building that on its own is worth a visit.

House of Memories Museum


Arvi Park is on the outskirts of Medellin. It is a massive park where you can hike, trek etc.

Parque Arvi


This kitschy little mock paisa village is located at the top of Cerro Nutibara – a very tall hill.

Pueblito Paisa


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