170 Bucket List Ideas for Travel Lovers to do before they Die

This ultimate bucket list includes all kinds of adventures designed for those who simply want to add a little excitement to their familiar routines.

Here are 170 bucket list ideas for those who love to travel.

This Australian landmark boasts incredible diving and snorkelling opportunities, with various tour operators taking care of all your equipment needs.

Dive At the Great Barrier Reef in Australia


While it’s never easy learning a new language, it can be so rewarding when traveling to a foreign destination.

Learn a Foreign Language


This spectacular red bridge is picture perfect and fittingly used as the backdrop for many San Francisco postcards.

Cycle Over the Golden Gate Bridge


Whether it’s the idea of skiing along dreamy slopes or hiding away in a snowy cabin, a winter wonderland vacation is a must.

Go Skiing somewhere glamourous


The statue’s metal framework was designed by Gustave Eiffel, also responsible for one of the most famous landmarks in France the Eiffel Tower.

Visit Lady Liberty


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