16 Things to Do in and Around Lake Annecy France

Many people have heard of Lake Annecy France, but not many are aware of how many wonderful things there are to do in and around it.

Here are 16 interesting things to do in and around Lake Annecy France.

The streets are narrow and winding but also filled with cafes and shops plus there are some beautiful arcades.

Walk the streets of the incredibly beautiful Annecy old town


This 12th-century building was actually a justice court as well as a prison, thus the name Palais de L’ile.

Visit the most photographed spot in Annecy – Palais de L’ile


The lovely Annecy canal begins at Pont des Amours, the lover’s bridge, and even dips underground at several points.

Walk along the Annecy canal


It is a beautiful building but perhaps best of all are the panoramic views of Annecy’s old town, Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains.

Visit Annecy Castle and admire the view


Eglise St Maurice was built by the Dominicans in the 15th century and it is the oldest church in Annecy.

Visit the church where everyone wanted to be buried


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