15 Famous Streets in New York You Might Know

From hailing cabs to catching the latest fashion trends on an urban catwalk, the streets of New York are where life happens at full speed (beep beep).

Whether you’re looking to pound the pavement for a shopping spree or looking to walk along the silver screen scenery streets in the city, these famous streets in New York will have you covered.

Canal Street is an excellent pick for travellers looking to experience the diverse walks of life in NYC.

Canal Street – The Bargain Hunter One


Filled with glamorous skyscrapers and the grandeur of Grand Central Station, Park Avenue is an extended length of concrete typical of a New York scene.

Park Avenue – The Iconic One


Besides a memorable moment captured, you’ll find a wide variety of eateries to eat your way through New York’s multi-faceted cuisine.

Washington Street – The Insta-Worthy One


This street is a marvel to wander. The road is covered in bright colors that form a stunning mural sprinkled with 3D-drawn sections.

Doyers Street – The Arty One


From showstopping plays to side-splitting comedies, this street is a treat to frequent if you’re a theatre kid at heart.

Broadway – The Musical One


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