14 Famous Bridges in New York Worth Visiting

Choosing just 14 famous bridges in New York isn’t easy, as the Big Apple has more than 750 bridges alone.

So, with great difficulty, this story explores 14 famous bridges in New York, albeit briefly. Next time you visit here, be sure to check out at least a few of these.

There is a fascinating backstory to this bridge. Among other things, it took an extraordinary amount of time to build due to problems with bureaucracy and red tape.

Bronx-Whitestone Bridge


Named after the first US president, The George Washington Bridge extends across the Hudson, heading west towards New Jersey.

George Washington Bridge


Arguably, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous in the world by name. It is as synonymous with New York as perhaps the Empire State building.

Brooklyn Bridge


Tadeusz Kosciuszko was a Polish military figure who fought on the side of the Americans against the British during the Revolutionary War.

Kosciuszko Bridge


Hell Gate is the name given to a particular passage of water that became notorious for its dangerous navigation, and the bridge took on the name in 1916.

Hell Gate Bridge


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