13 Magical Castles in Cornwall That You Have to Visit

Cornwall is a magnificent coastal gem in England that attracts visitors wanting to explore its diverse beauty and history.

If you are planning your whole trip around finding the best Castles in Europe then your trip to Cornwall will be very satisfying.

It is estimated that the first structure was built on the site in the 12th Century. The impressive structure has since been built up over time to be the size that it is today.

St. Michael’s Mount


Launceston is the ancient capital of Cornwall and home to the Launceston Castle.

Launceston Castle


This is one of the smallest castles in Cornwall and was modified during the Crimean War in the 19th Century and again during the Second World War.

St Catherine’s Castle


The castle is mainly in ruins but as you explore the structure you will be able to see clues and hints of the grandeur that was once alive in this building.

Restormel Castle


This lavish castle and its gardens are exceptionally beautiful. This impressive building was built as a private residence and is not a royal castle with ancient history.

Caerhays Castle and Gardens


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