13 Best Lakes in Southern California You Should Visit

Lakes in Southern California are a popular option – there are about 3000 of them. Some are naturally-formed, others man-made. Some are classified as lakes, while others are referred to as reservoirs.

No story can detail every single lake or California landmark contained within its reach, so let’s just look at 13 of the favorites among visitors.

Many love to use one of the five campgrounds for multi-day visits, and the Forks resort and Millers Landing offer rentals for boats and accommodation as well.

Bass Lake


Big Bear is one of the most well-known lakes in California. In fairness, it is very special, because it isn’t fed from rivers, but rather from snow.

Big Bear Lake


It is officially a lake that serves as a water supply for human use. For that reason, any physical contact with the water is prohibited.

Cachuma Lake


Folsom lake is a constructed reservoir on the American River and provides great boating and motorized watersports. Think skiing and speedboating.

Folsom Lake


In the Shasta Cascade region of California in Plumas County, lies the artificial lake known as Lake Almanor.

Lake Almanor


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