11 Marvellous Beaches in Montauk, Long Island You’ll Love

Montauk is tucked away on the east end of the much-adored Long Island. This seaside hamlet is the ideal place to kick back and enjoy the waves away from the bustle of the city.

Here are some of the best Montauk Long Island beaches I recommend visiting.

Ditch Plains is just east of Montauk, about a six-minute drive from the city square. It is known for its amazing swells, which attract surfers of all skill levels.

Ditch Plains Beach


While not a traditional “beach”, the Montauk State Park has a shoreline and plenty of space to frolic in the water.

Montauk Point State Park


Navy Beach is a peculiar name for a beach, but it has nothing to do with the deep blue shade. It is due to its colourful history and ties to the Navy’s use of the beach in World War II.

Navy Beach


Just an 11-min drive from the town centre and a few miles from “Eothen”, the former estate of artist Andy Warhol is where you’ll find this golden beach.

Amsterdam Beach


This beach is just on the edge of Lake Montauk as it spills into the Atlantic Ocean.

Gin Beach


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