11 Best Tips for Car Travelling With Your Furry Feline 

From a road trip packing list to a cheat sheet of cat-in-car problems and solutions, this story will ensure a less bumpy ride for you and your fur baby.

Take a look at these key components to consider before going on your mobile adventure with your feline.

From planning bathroom breaks to packing enough food (pet and others) for your drive, the duration of your trip is important to note for a variety of reasons.

Determine the Duration


Going to the vet is often seen as a new and scary venture for a cat, their behaviour could be quite telling.

Talk to Your Vet About Health Conditions


Make sure you take time to get your pet comfortable with riding along roads, so it’s not the first time they take a drive in your metal steering steed.

Do a Few Test Drives


A cat carrier can be considered the safest option, but can be an anxiety-inducing experience if your pet does not enjoy confined spaces.

Ensure Safety Precautions 


When riding on the road for 2-3 days with your long-tailed pet, booking accommodation on your travels is a good idea to get a few hours of shut-eye.

Book Pet-Friendly Accommodation


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