11 Best Sierra Leone Beaches You’ll Love

Sierra Leone is famous for its beautiful beaches. The country has an 400-kilometer coastline, and much of it is lined with pale sands and lapping waves.

Here are the 11 best beaches in Sierra Leone West Africa.

Few visitors to Sierra Leone will miss seeing Lumley Beach. The west side of Freetown runs along this long golden beach. Considering it is a city beach.

Lumley Beach


Levuma Beach is also located in Freetown. It is one kilometer long and runs from Jaba to Funkia. The Walla Beach Bar is the place to go for a cocktail and sunset view.

Levuma Beach


If you’re after a cocktail and a sunset, head to Buffa for a drink. If you want to stay the night, check out Lakka Beach Resort Hotel.

Lakka Beach


Bureh beach is busy but it doesn’t feel overly touristy. There is camping, shopping, yoga, massage, canoeing, and lots of ways to relax.

Bureh Beach


Before the Civil War, Tokeh Beach was the place to go in Sierra Leone. There was even a helicopter pad at Tokeh beach so visitors could fly there straight from the airport.

Tokeh Beach


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