10 Things You Should Know Before Traveling With Your Dog

Like traveling with a minor or a person with health issues, traveling with a dog requires extensive preparation.

Let’s dive in and look at the crucial things to consider when traveling with a dog.

Every country has its own set of laws regarding pet immigration, and it is essential that you know all these requirements beforehand.

 Research Your Destination (Countries Differ)


Make sure your vet is registered and accredited by your country’s relevant health department or board.

Take a Trip to the Vet


Things like a dog license, a pet passport, and a signed behaviour voucher may be required according to a country’s pet import policies.

Get All the Paperwork


Dog insurance will cover the expenses should your furry friend fall sick or get injured. It will also cover the costs of returning your pup home should anything drastic happen.

Get Dog Insurance


Although many airlines allow dogs to fly (at an additional fee), it’s better to choose a specifically pet-friendly airline, like American Airlines.

Choose Pet-Friendly Airlines & Accommodation


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