10 Largest Lakes In The United States You’ll Want to Jump In

The area of a lake fluctuates every year due to environmental changes and there are differences in the surface area. Although the margin is quite small, there can be slight variations in the number.

Here are some of the largest lakes in the United States based on the surface area.

Lake Superior holds 10% of the earth’s fresh surface water and contains as much water as all the other lakes combined!

Lake Superior 


With a surface area of 23,007 square miles, the lake offers nearly 4,000 miles of shoreline and holds about 850 cubic miles of water.

Lake Huron


Bordering four major states of the U.S., Lake Michigan is the third largest lake covering a surface area of 22,404 square miles.

Lake Michigan


Lake Erie is roughly 2,500 square miles larger than Lake Ontario, which is connected by the Niagara river.

Lake Erie


As the smallest of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is the only waterbody where two places meet in the middle.

Lake Ontario 


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