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Reviews of Premium Airline Services as well as Boutique Hotels from around the world. Find out more about airlines, hotel-reviews and much more.

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Fabulous food and delicious local wines are two of my favourite things about travelling! Here are my latest restaurant reviews, articles on markets, wineries and so much more

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Food Travel
Food Travel is one of the hottest new trends. This can be everything from cooking schools to food tours to street food to hot new restaurants. Eating is one of the most enjoyable ways to get to know a new destination. Click here to see Food and Drink Posts
Natural attractions feature heavily in many of my favourite destinations. From Cappadocia to the rugged Scottish highlands to the Himalayas come and be inspired by nature. Click here to see Nature Posts
Exhausted? Need a break and some serious rest? Sun holidays are focused on rejuvenation and restoration and always feature pools and beaches! Click here to see Sun Posts
Looking to learn something on your next trip? Here are some great options for places to visit where cultural activities are second to none. Here are my Culture Posts
The spiritual home of the boutique adventurer! Spas today can soothe the soul, help you work through problems, get you in shape and so much more. Here are some of my Favourite Spas
Cruises aren’t just about shuffleboard and oldies these days. Cruises have gone boutique and several are now catering to the solo traveler. This is now one of travel’s most innovative categories. Click here for Cruises
Road Trips
Is there any better feeling than once the car is loaded up and you pull out onto your first highway with the radio on loud and the wind in your hair? Road trips are a brilliant way to really discover a destination by getting up close and personal. Here are posts on Road Trips