What is Italy Famous for? 5 Italian Claims to Fame

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I have been to Italy more times than I can count and I will continue going to Italy for the rest of my life.

I often say it is impossible to have a bad time in Italy as I know I will have fantastic coffee, great food, and wonderful wine.



It is said that pizza was created in Naples, Italy in the late 18 century. During this time the population of Naples grew quickly and workers needed cheap and quick food options.



Generally, gelato in Italy is lower in fat, has less air in it, and is served at a higher temperature than ice cream in other parts of the world. Whatever they do honestly ice cream tastes better in Italy!



Italy is home to some of the most famous and most beautiful bridges in the world. The Ponte Vecchio in Florence is one of the world’s most famous bridges and was originally built in 1345.

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Vespas were invented in Italy in 1946 and made famous in well-known Hollywood films like Roman Holiday.



During the Renaissance years, Italy was the center of the biggest art movement the world had known. Michelangelo, Bernini, Titian Leonardo da Vinci, and Caravaggio were all from Italy!



Burrata, Mozzarella, Parma – Italy produces over 6,000 different cheeses.



I am a big fan of lovely Montepulciano in Tuscany and its amazing big reds and Orvieto for delightful white wines.

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