Washington DC Landmarks

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A visit to Washington, D.C. is much like stepping into a time machine. You can travel between past, present, and future just by visiting a few of the city’s monuments.


The White House

Home to the United State’s current President, the White House has been the president's official home for over 220 years.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In 1982, artist Maya Lin conceptualized a bold 246-foot black granite wall engraved with the names of the 58,300 soldiers killed during the Vietnam War.


World War II Memorial

It is a landmark of the city that honors America's "Greatest Generation.”


National Mall

The National Mall encompasses countless memorials and monuments that honor American presidents, heroes, and forefathers. This is where the annual Independence Day celebration takes place.


Thomas Jefferson Memorial

According to the artist, John Russell Pope, the design is a reflection of Jefferson’s love of classical architecture. Inside the monument, look for excerpts from Jefferson’s famous speeches, as well as the Declaration of Independence.


Washington Monument

Completed in 1884, this monument was built to honor the first president of the U.S, George Washington. Once the tallest building in the world, this tribute now remains the world's tallest white stone structure and marble obelisk.


Ford’s Theater

Here, you can see artifacts related to the assassination conspiracy, and explore Lincoln's presidency and the Civil War through insightful exhibits.


Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Built in honor of the 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln, the huge neoclassical memorial houses a 19-foot tall statue of Lincoln. Lincoln’s statue looks out over the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument lost in thought.

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The Boutique Adventurer

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