37 Unique Things to Do in Maine You’ll Love

Maine is a popular holiday destination state, due to its summer beaches. But it also has winter-time skiing, vast national parks and waterways, and plenty of recreational activities for all.

Let’s take a look at 37 unique things to do and see in Maine, with an eye to occupying a weekend or even longer on your travels to “Vacationland”.

Acadia is one of the top 10 national parks visited in the entire US, registering around 3.5 million visitors every year. There’s a little bit of everything here, including mountains, lakes, beaches, gardens and little villages.

Acadia National Park


Allagash Waterway is a network of rivers, creeks, and lakes that invite all sorts of water activities like kayaking, swimming, hiking, and camping along the shores. It really is a nature lover’s paradise.

Allagash Waterway


Asticou is a Japanese garden that sells itself on the tranquility of its environment. Azaleas, conifers, rhododendrons, and other plants can be viewed here.

Asticou Azalea Garden


You could consider Bar Harbour as an introduction to Acadia National park, but it is definitely a tourist favourite on Mount Desert Island. Visitors love Frenchman Bay, long walks along the island’s coast, and fresh seafood.

Bar Harbour


At over 5000 feet, it’s a challenging hike, but well worth the views. You can also camp in the park in order to explore more of its some 215-miles of trails over a couple of days.

Baxter State Park


This summer resort is known as one of the best boating harbours in the state for good reason. The entire area used to be a shipping port, so it’s well-equipped to handle boats.

Boothbay Harbour


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