Unique Restaurants in San Francisco

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This city was always known for sourdough bread, clam chowder, and of course Ghiradelli chocolate. These days it is one of the hottest food destinations in the world, championing new trends and trialing new concepts.

There are fun restaurants in San Francisco including dim sum, ice cream and so many other exciting options that make for unique dining experiences.


The Meatball Bar

This is all about handmade meatball extravaganzas from lamb to chicken to vegetarian (eggplant and zucchini) and sauces from truffle fondue to Korean.


The Tonga Room

This is a really fun restaurant that actually has a pool inside. The theme is Asian fusion with a bit of Tahiti and Hawaii. I enjoyed some fantastic ahi poke tuna tacos.


Eno Wine Bar

Featuring an extensive menu of wine flights, you can also order cheese and chocolate.



From under the sea to the carnival. Straw has a carnival theme and even has a tilt and whirl booth. It's also known for its doughnut hamburger and fried chicken waffle.


The Ferry Building

It is an artisanal food heaven – if that is such a thing. Multiple foods and wine providers are in one place – from stalls to full-on restaurants.

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