17 Best Things to do in Ios

Ios Island used to be known as the Greek island for partying – I remember hearing about it when I was backpacking a long time ago.

Ios Greece still attracts a young crowd in the old town at the height of summer but it also now has some great boutique hotels, lovely restaurants, some hidden gems and importantly a long list of fantastic things to do in Ios Greece.

There are many different boat options at Ios in Greece. Take a small boat trip if there are just a few of you and you want to set your own itinerary – this is what we did.

Take a Boat Trip


Rumour has it that there are 365 churches on Ios. That isn’t confirmed but there are certainly a very large number of extremely photogenic churches on this Greek Island.

Blue and White churches and really any Greek Church


Chora is the old town of Ios and filled with winding streets lined with white houses and bougainvillea and blue doors and window sills and other photogenic Greek things.

The Chora backstreets


If you are relatively fit and healthy it is an easy walk-up to the top of Chora and its churches. Also, the walk up takes you through some of the nicer backstreets of Chora.

The Top of Chora


Skarkos is the largest known settlement of the procycladic world and dates back to the mid-3rd millennium BC. Excavation began on this well-preserved site in the mid-1980s. The area covers 1.1 hectares.



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