7 Seoul Boutique Hotels in Great Neighborhoods

Seoul is the heart of South Korea. As the capital of South Korea, this city has huge sky-scrapers, high-tech subways, and a huge, thriving technology industry.

Seoul’s boutique hotels reflect the modernity and style of this fast-paced city. The living spaces are clean, comfortable, and convenient. Keep reading to find out what else makes each of these Seoul boutique hotels right for you.

If you’re wanting a swanky Seoul nightlife experience, Glad Live Gangnam is ideal. The rooms at this hotel are stylish and comfortable. The on-site restaurants and cafes are excellent.

Glad Live Gangnam


L7 Hotel Myeongdong is warm, comfortable and attractive. The wooden panelling and pops of colour make this industrial design hotel look chic, while still inviting and dynamic.

L7 Hotel Myeongdong


If you’re looking for celebrity treatment and a super luxurious stay, book into Walkerhill Douglas House. It’s a beautiful boutique hotel, set amongst nature, which is very rare for a Seoul hotel.

Walkerhill Douglas House


If you’re looking for a prime sightseeing location, Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun is perfect. The hotel has a bare-bones feel and focuses mainly on comfort and excellent amenities.

Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun


If you’re a fan of industrial design and style, check out Boutique Hotel Loft. The exposed brick walls, muted blues and reds, and wood finishings make it lively and interesting.

Boutique Hotel Loft


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