Best Restaurants in Medellin, Colombia

The Boutique Adventurer

There is an astonishing amount of variety and fusion and new places popping up every day. Medellin is a big place so I have focused on the best restaurants in the El Poblado neighborhood here.


Mondongo’s Medellin

The menu at this Medellin restaurant is classic Colombian. Mondongo’s has the Bandeja Paisa classic – as one of the top restaurants in Medellin, this is probably the place to have it.


La Causa Medellin

They’re a unique lakeside soaking spot where you can relax and admire eye-level views of the raw topography, including the magnificent Paulina Peak in the distance.

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Crepe and Waffle

Crepe and Waffle Medellin are of course best known for their crepes and waffles and my gosh they are good. There is a very long menu with every type of flavour from savory to sweet.



Mistura offers good Japanese food at the edge of El Poblado. Mistura is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Medellin Colombia.


La Matriarcha

La Matriarcha is a relaxed seafood-heavy restaurant with some Italian and classic Colombian thrown in.

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