Radium Hot Springs Colorado: Your Complete Guide

Radium Hot Springs in Colorado is a single pool positioned on a moderately trafficked hiking trail along the frigid Colorado River. However, it is not an anomaly.

Here, you’ll find the best time of year to visit, tips, and information to help elevate your experience of this natural setting.

The Radium Hot Spring is 20 miles south of Kremmling along the Colorado River. These days, a search for ‘Radium Hot Springs Co’ in any navigation app will lead you on the most direct route.

Where is Radium Hot Springs in Colorado?


If you are a fan of craft beer and hearty American cuisine, the Grand Adventure Brewing Company in Kremmling may be the restaurant for you.

Great Places to Eat near Radium Hot Springs


Camping near the natural hot springs in Colorado is the ideal weekend escape in nature. Both the Radium Recreation Site and Mugrage Campgrounds charge a small fee for a reservable site.

Camping at Radium Co


With ice-cold temperatures in winter, you may not want to brave camping in the outdoors. Luckily, there are warm and welcoming hotels in the nearby town of Kremmling.

Places to stay near the Radium SPRINGS


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