Incredible Places to Watch Sedona Sunsets in Arizona

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One of North America’s magnificent mountain states, Arizona’s desert terrain provides the perfect backdrop for a picturesque sunset. Venture into the Northern Verde Valley region and you’ll find the desert town of Sedona and the stunning Sedona sunsets!


Cathedral Rock

It’s a moderately difficult hike up the Cathedral Rock trail, but the view from the top will exceed your expectations. This natural sandstone butte located near Yavapai County is a must-see in Sedona and is well worth scaling a cliff face.


Vultee Arch

This natural bridge is 50-feet high, so you may be scrambling to reach the top. But once you reach it, you won’t be disappointed.

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Bell Rock

In the Village of Oak Creek, you’ll find magnificent orange canyons drenched in the unimpeded Arizona sunlight. The desert vistas are even more impeccable from Bell Rock, a popular tourist destination that embodies Sedona’s geological history.


Schnebly Hill Vista

Schnebly Hill Trail encompasses all the best components of the Sedona landscape. The sandstone mesas ripple across the desert vista, broken up by unexpected bursts of juniper and pine trees.


Devil's Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is one of Sedona’s most popular sites because of its great photo potential. This natural sandstone arch is located in the Coconino National Forest, one of the most biodiverse forests in North America.


Red Rock Crossing

Oak Creek is a tranquil swimming spot in Sedona, part of the rare 0.3% of Sedona’s land containing natural water. Red Rock Crossing is the area where the creek runs next to Cathedral Rock and offers a lovely sunset view over the river gorge.

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