10 Most Beautiful States in the US

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I also wanted to share with you what makes these the most beautiful states in the US. Specifically, what are the places – lakes, UNESCO world heritage sites, national parks, man-made creations etc – that make these states so very beautiful.



Home to some of the most magnificent and unique national parks in the United States, Utah is filled with beautiful places that you won’t forget!



Home to the most visited national park in the United States, the biggest underground lake in the United States and the largest man-made crystal cave in the world – Tennessee is full of beautiful wonders.


New York State

So many waterfalls, an amazing six-story castle, great gardens, and the Adirondacks – it’s all in New York State.



Florida has an amazing 1,200 miles of coastline as well as loads of national parks and of course the Florida Keys.



This iconic US state is often seen as the ultimate paradise – home to wonderful weather, stunning beaches, amazing coastal drives, delicious wine regions, and a couple of the top national parks in the USA California has it all.



Home to not just the Grand Canyon but enough natural and man-made attractions to be a country on its own that you would want to visit.



Ancient forests, roaring rivers, peaceful lakes, iconic mountains – Oregon has it all.



Snow capped mountains, natural hot springs, waterfalls – Colorado has it all and more.


Washington State

157 miles of shoreline, millions of acres of forest, the Cascades, Mount Rainier – Washington is bursting with beautiful places.


West Virginia

Mound House is a unique archaeological and historical site situated in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This restored house museum sits atop an ancient Calusa Indian shell mound directly on Estero Bay.

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