10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Cape Town, South Africa

A stunning waterfront town, sitting on the Atlantic Ocean.

Vancouver, Canada

A  physically beautiful city surrounded by both snow topped mountains and blue sea. 

Istanbul, Turkey

 This beautiful city is the perfect place if you’re keen to explore the Middle East or Africa. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

A royal city home to the world's most beautiful castle. 

Riga, Latvia

 A wonderful mix of charming old Europe and modern innovations. 

Graz, Austria

The second biggest city in Austria and it's easy to see why it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Bergen, Norway

The gateway city to Norway’s famous fjords. It has more than enough going on to warrant spending a couple of nights in this beautiful city.

 Charleston United States

Charleston isn’t just about its good looks. It has an outstanding restaurant scene and is famed for its seafood.

Munich, Germany

One of Germany’s most famous cities hosts historic sites and buildings, outstanding tourist activities, green parks, castles, and more.

 San Diego, United States

San Diego boasts near perfect weather all year round plus an amazing 70 miles of beautiful coastline. The city offers urban, coastal and inland neighborhoods.