5 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe That You Might Not Know


When I think of beautiful cities in Europe Paris, Prague, Rome all come to mind - cities known the world over

But Europe has so many stunning cities - what about those that aren't so well known? 

As a Travel Blogger I am lucky enough to visit more cities than the average person - and I live in Europe

And I now most enjoy finding those Hidden Gems that aren't so well known 

So here are 5 Beautiful European Cities that you might not know

1. Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic - A beautiful European Spa Town

2. Riga in Latvia - a Baltic Hidden Gem with fantastic food

3. Saint Antonin Noble Val in Southern France - a gorgeous market town

4. Verbier in Switzerland - known for Winter skiing it is less known as a summer destination

5. Graz in Austria -  a European centre of culture, stunning cobblestone old car & so much to see and do

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