Lakes in Southern California You Should Visit

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Did you know that there are around 3,000 lakes across the state of California? We couldn't possibly list them all but we're going to list the top lakes with beautiful views and nature trails.


Bass Lake

The lake is in the Sierra National Forest, close to Yosemite National Park, so it’s surrounded by some of California‘s most beautiful natural sights.


Big Bear Lake

Big Bear is one of the most well-known lakes in California. In fairness, it is very special, because it isn’t fed from rivers, but rather from snow.


Cachuma Lake

The views are spectacular – the lake is surrounded by San Rafael and Santa Ynes mountain ranges.

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Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is a fabulous area for hiking. Folsom lake is a constructed reservoir on the American River and provides great boating and motorized watersports.


Lake Almanor

Like many man-made reservoirs in California, Almanor has become a popular getaway for boat enthusiasts, hikers, and weekend holidaymakers.


Lake Elsinore

Elsinore is actually the biggest natural fresh lake in California. Swimming, boating, and fishing are favorite activities here for visitors.


Lake Havasu

Right at the edge of the state, on the border with Arizona, and the Colorado River lies this stunning lake, surrounded by the trimmings of London Bridge and Lake Havasu City.

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