Most Stunning Lakes in Canada

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Canada boasts an incredible two million lakes and the highest number of freshwater lakes in the world. Here is a highlight of the most stunning lakes!


Lake Louise, Alberta

It’s an unforgettable sight: tall alpine trees line the slopes of snow-capped Mount Victoria, framing the sparkling topaz water.


Moraine Lake, Alberta

There are plenty of lakes in Banff National Park, but Moraine is likely the most enchanting.


Lake Superior, Ontario

This is the largest of the Great Lakes and in the world too. Lake Superior also boasts sublime beauty: the azure waters spill onto sandy shores, surrounded by lush forestry.


Maligne Lake, Alberta

Located in the stunning Jasper National Park, Maligne Lake is the starting point for the popular Skyline hiking trail.


Berg Lake, British Columbia

The highest peak in Canada, Mount Robson, sits behind the lake providing for some rather stunning photographs.


Lake Minnewanka, Alberta

Best known for its outdoor activities like canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and hiking off the water.

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