9 Best Places for Hot Springs in the USA

Did you know that there are many natural hot springs in the USA? Bathing in these mineral rich waters can be fantastic for both your physical and mental health.

The western states of America in particular are known for their hot springs – we’ve got many of them covered here including Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada and more.

There are free natural hot springs scattered throughout NorCal, as well as others found in wellness retreats. The hot springs boast mineral-rich waters, which are said to have healing and calming properties.

Best Northern California Hot Springs 


Whether you’re hopping into a man-made mineral bath or natural hot springs in Washington’s gorgeous forests, there is so much to enjoy and discover in this great state.

Best Hot Springs in Washington State


If you’re looking to visit a small town in one of the most beautiful U.S. states, Pagosa Springs in Colorado is a popular spot to unwind in. Situated on the San Juan River, this town is laid back.

Best Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs, Colorado


Hot springs are found dotted throughout these beautiful regions. Rich with minerals, the heated groundwater allows visitors to enjoy an incredible soak in nature.

Hot Springs Oregon 


If you’re looking for the best Idaho hot springs you’ve come to the right place. Idaho is abundant with incredible natural hot springs for you to explore.

Fantastic Idaho Hot Springs


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