Amazing Hot Springs in Oregon

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If you’re looking for the best soaking spots in the state, here are some of the best hot springs in Oregon that will take your breath away.


Umpqua Hot Spring

Umpqua Hot Springs is a popular soaking spot located in the beautiful Umpqua National Forest. They’re open year-round and feature three main cascading pools set above the North Umpqua River.


Paulina Lake Hot Springs

They’re a unique lakeside soaking spot where you can relax and admire eye-level views of the raw topography, including the magnificent Paulina Peak in the distance.

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Barnes Warm Springs

To access the springs, you’ll need to hike for just over 1 km. It’s near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, so you may encounter wildlife during your visit, like deer, antelope, and birds.


Bigelow Hot Springs

Also referred to as Deer Creek Hot Springs, these hot springs are located in the Willamette National Forest of western Oregon.


Ritter Hot Springs

The rustic Ritter Hot Springs are found in Grant County. They have a history that dates back to the 19th century when the area’s natural mineral water was discovered by settlers.

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