Historical Places in New Orleans

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It’s one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the US, with a past that’s proudly on display through many beautiful old buildings, public squares, and even restaurants.

Each tells a story of a bygone era and offers a glimpse into a time long gone. Let’s travel back in time as we explore the top historical places in New Orleans.


French Quarter

The French Quarter is New Orleans’ historic heart. It was founded in 1718, making it the oldest section of the city. It’s famous for its large colorful buildings and lively atmosphere.


Bourbon Street

Located in the French Quarter, it’s the life of the party in New Orleans. It extends for 13 blocks and contains a string of brightly lit bars and restaurants.


Jackson Square

Jackson Square has a modern vibe and is always abuzz with entertainment. From street performers to open-air artists that paint and display their works, there’s always something interesting to see.


Garden District

Although it’s just a short drive from the energetic French Quarter, it has a totally different vibe. Picture streets lined with historic mansions, tall oak trees, and lush gardens abloom with draping hibiscuses and crepe myrtles.


Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

This is one of NOLA’s oldest surviving structures. The exact date it was built isn’t known, but it’s believed it was constructed as a house sometime between 1722 and 1732.

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