19 Historical Places in New Orleans You Need to See

New Orleans is located along the Mississippi River in Louisiana. It’s one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the US, with a past that’s proudly on display through many beautiful old buildings.

Here are the 19 Historical Places in New Orleans

The French Quarter is New Orleans’ historic heart. It was founded in 1718, making it the oldest section of the city. It’s famous for its large colourful buildings and lively atmosphere.

French Quarter


Bourbon Street is one of the most well-known streets in the US. Located in the French Quarter, it’s the life of the party in New Orleans. It extends for 13 blocks and contains a string of brightly lit bars and restaurants.

Bourbon Street


Jackson Square holds great historical significance in the US. It’s the site of the Louisiana Purchases, where the state became a United States territory in 1803.

Jackson Square


Congo Square is located in Louis Armstrong Park, in the Tremé neighbourhood. This open space is well-known for its influence on African American music, most notably jazz.

Congo Square


The Garden District is a charming little neighbourhood in NOLA. The district is considered to be one of the best-preserved collections of historic mansions in the south.

Garden District


Frenchmen Street is an entertainment street that has a little bit of everything. It’s full of live-music venues, intimate bars, and local restaurants.

Frenchmen Street


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