67 Fascinating Facts about London

When a man is tired of London he is tired of life. So said Samuel Johnson in 1777 and as a Londoner, I firmly believe that these words still hold true today.

To help convince you that I am correct here are 67 fascinating facts about London!

Specifically, time starts in the London borough of Greenwich. Greenwich is home to the Royal Observatory. The Royal Observatory is the point from which GMT or Greenwich Mean Time is calculated.

Time Starts in London


These underground rivers are part of the Thames and the River Lea. All of these rivers are now used as part of London’s sewer system.

20 Rivers run under London


More than 30 million tourists visit London every year – when there isn’t a pandemic.

 London is the most popular tourist destination in the world


In 1666, fire tore through London in what is now referred to as the Great Fire of London. The fire started in a bakery in the appropriately named Pudding Lane.

London’s famous fire started in a bakery


As someone that lives in London I can vouch for the fact that London often has some lovely weather. It has a reputation for being an exceptionally rainy city but it is actually drier than the world average.

London’s weather isn’t actually that bad


They are Angel, Elephant and Caslte, Manor House, Swiss Cottage and Royal Oak.

5 Tube Stations are named after Pubs


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