Famous Landmarks in Brazil You Need to See

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Brazil is the largest country in Latin America–Being such a large and diverse country, there is an endless list of landmarks spread across the country that you need to see.


Christ the Redeemer Statue

One of the most instantly recognizable landmarks in the world! The colossal statue of Jesus Christ is 98 feet tall at the top of Mount Corcovado, in southeastern Rio.


Sugar Loaf Mountain

In 1912, a cable car system was installed on the mountain taking visitors up to the summit. Once on top, visitors can enjoy the most gorgeous 360-degree views of the entire city.


Copacabana Beach

This beach is a booming tourist attraction that lives up to its name of A Princesinha do Mar (Princess of the Sea).


The Iguazu Falls

The falls consist of 275 waterfalls spanning 1.6 miles in the Iguazu National Park. The Iguazu Falls is a towering 262 feet, and the largest waterfall in the world.


The Amazon River

This river is a freshwater system that extends 6400 km (4000 miles) across South America and flows through six countries, including Brazil.


Dedo de Deus (God’s Finger) Peak

One of the stand-out landmarks of this mountain is the Dedo de Deus or God’s Finger peak.

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