7 Top Boutique Hotels in Bologna for History & Luxury

Bologna, Italy is popular as a holiday destination for a variety of reasons. The city has historical appeal, housing the oldest university in the western world. It also features charming architecture, with over 20 towers dotted throughout the area.

Whether it’s luxury or character you’re looking for, these hotels offer both options in abundance. You’ll enjoy your stay in style while appreciating the very best that Bologna has to offer.

Hotel Al Cappello Rosso is one of the oldest hotels in the region. Many of the rooms have been designed by stage designers and artists, really tapping into that boutique feel.

Hotel Al Cappello Rosso


L’8 Boutique Design Apartments is one of the loveliest boutique hotels in Bologna. The rooms reflect the tradition and history of Bologna, but with a unique interior flair.

L’8 Boutique Design Apartments


With a name like Villa Gotti Charming, you know these rooms will make for a pleasant stay. The rooms offer air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom, providing all your creature comforts in one quaint space.

Villa Gotti Charming Rooms


 Bologna Boutique Home is a mix of gorgeous design and utter convenience. The interior of the accommodation embodies modern elegance with a medieval twist.

Bologna Boutique Home


This boutique hotel offers a unique surprise in the form of a hot tub on the fifth floor. Imagine a relaxing soak on a deck overlooking Bologna – an incredible stress reliever.

Hotel Touring


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