Naked or Clothed? Baden-Baden Spa Guide

The word "bad" means bath in German - added to the name of the town it means this is a spa town.  

Baden Baden has 12 hot springs and has been welcoming spa tourists for centuries

Germans choose to be naked in a spa for reasons of hygiene and this is very normal

But for those of us from other countries this is quite unusual and can be uncomfortable

Do you have to get naked to Spa in Baden-Baden?

1. At Friedrichsbad, the oldest spa in Baden-Baden, you will have to get naked but there are days were this is same sex

2. The more modern Caracella has areas for both naked and clothed spa enthusiasts

3. For modern treatments & bathing suits head to Brenners

4. Or sweat it out in a swimsuit at the Salina Salt Grotto

Baden-Baden has more to offer than just spas - there is fantastic food, nearby wineries, an amazing casino, beautiful walks & much more

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