Arizona Landmarks You Need to See

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The Grand Canyon is probably featured on your itinerary as it is likely the most famous Arizona landmark. However, Arizona has many fantastic landmarks that are also worth the visit!


Meteor Crater

A collision in the American Southwest about 50,000 years ago with the power of more than 20 million tons of TNT created the crater.


Upper Antelope Canyon

This 200-meter long canyon has tall winding walls, wave-like rocks, and interesting crevasses. The light beams through at various places along the canyon creating amazing colors.


Horseshoe Bend

The Colorado River is a blue/green color at horseshoe bend. Contrasted with the deep red of the canyon rocks it makes for a stunning scene.


Havasu Falls

If you're willing to train for a strenuous hike and spend the night in the canyon, then you'll get to see the amazing Havasu Falls.


Cathedral Rock

End your beach day with a drink and a dance at this lively spot. The array of nightlife options provide the perfect night out on the town.


Saguaro Cactus

This spectacular cactus can grow to over 12 metres tall and many grow arms once they reach the age of 75 years.



Don’t miss Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. The 12,000 square feet courthouse is now a museum that contains many interesting artifacts from the Old West.


Mount Lemmon

The Santa Catalina Mountains are one of the four ranges to surround the city of Tucson. Mount Lemmon is the highest point of these mountains at nearly 2,800 meters above sea level.

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