6 Best Brunch Places Melbourne

Trying to choose just 6 fantastic brunch places Melbourne has on offer was hard work! There are so many options to choose from that this could have been the 60 best brunches in Melbourne.

There are of course other places you can go and have a great brunch but these are my nominations for the best brunch places in Melbourne.

Have breakfast or brunch at Fitzrovia in St Kilda. Or really anything here – Fitzrovia is also open for dinner some evenings midweek.

Fitzrovia – St Kilda


Brunch here starts with great coffee. I was a little weary the morning I visited so needed a banana smoothie which was also very good.

 Café Lafayette in Port Melbourne


Cornershop is literally on a corner in Yarraville and sits opposite the fantastic Sun cinema on a pedestrianised strip.

Cornershop – Yarraville


My Sista Says is very cute – quite tiny inside but cosy – it was quite fun nearly sitting in the kitchen! And there is also outdoor seating.

My Sista Says – Port Melbourne


Alimentari Fitzroy is so cute and coming in feels like you’ve gone to Europe.

Alimentari – Fitzroy


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