29 Most Stunning Lakes Canada has You’ll Love 

Canada boasts an incredible two million lakes and the highest number of freshwater lakes in the world. So, I understand if you’re having a hard time deciding which ones to visit.

That’s why my super informative guide is here. With my insights, you’ll soon be on your way to one of these stunning lakes Canada has on offer in no time.

It’s an unforgettable sight: tall alpine trees line the slopes of snow-capped Mount Victoria, framing the sparkling topaz water.

Lake Louise, Alberta


Lake Garibaldi oozes mystery and adventure, with many fallen tree trunks just beneath the surface of the teal water.

Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia


The picturesque Emerald Lake is the standout attraction in Yoho National Park. Appropriately, ‘Yoho’ means ‘awe’ in Cree, a local language.

Emerald Lake, British Columbia


It’s one of the most photographed lakes around, appearing in video games, adverts, and log-in screens. Visit the real thing for an unbelievable experience.

Moraine Lake, Alberta


Peyto Lake makes this list because it’s incredibly photogenic from a high angle, which is easy to get to (read: no hiking needed).

Peyto Lake, Alberta


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