10 Best Coffee Shops Baltimore Has to Offer

Hipsters are roasting, different types of milk are being frothed or just warmed, the coffee is served cold, warm, iced, drip, with mocha and in many variations in the cafes in Baltimore.

Visiting a cute café or coffee shop is one of the best things to do in Baltimore, so don’t hesitate to stop for an essential cuppa brew.

This Baltimore Coffee Roaster has a lovely large open space with lots of people on their laptops enjoying the atmosphere and the coffee Baltimore style.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters – Mount Vernon


Artifact Coffee is quite a big space and wonderfully atmospheric. It may take you some time to get through the coffee menu.

Artifact Coffee – near Hampden


Bird in Hand Baltimore not only serves great coffee but it also holds readings and is a genuinely lovely place to sit and relax with a drink.

Bird in Hand Cafe Bookshop  – Charles Village


3 Bean Coffee Baltimore host bands, workshops, again the mysterious coffee cuppings and more. 3 Bean also has an extensive coffee menu.

3 Beans Coffee  – Federal Hill


Dooby’s Cafe is quite a few things. It is a Korean restaurant or Korean influenced restaurant in the evening.

Dooby’s Cafe  – Mount Vernon


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