Mostar and Sarajevo: Bosnia’s 2 fascinating cities

Sarajevo Bosnia and Mostar Bosnia are both stunning towns with so much history. The highlight of any trip to Bosnia is Mostar Bridge – one of the most recognisable sights of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Mostar Bridge also became one of the world’s most visible signs of the Balkans conflict when it was blown up in 1993. The bridge had stood for 427 years. It was rebuilt in 2004. A Mostar Tour is a must do for the Sarajevo Tourist.

Sarajevo Tourist Bosnia

Sarajevo is one of the most fascinating cities I have visited. It is unique in that it is best known for its modern history rather than its ancient history and now is a great time to be a Sarajevo Tourist.

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Sadly it is probably best known for the Bosnian War and the fact that Sarajevo was under siege for the longest time period in modern history – 1.425 days from 1992 to 1996. This recent awful episode in the city’s history can be felt across the city. The Sarajevo Roses in the pavement remind walkers of the many deaths.

You can visit the Sarajevo War Tunnel. This extraordinary tunnel ran underneath Sarajevo and was the only source of supplies during the siege. It is located in an everyday looking suburb and suburban house. It is possible to walk a small portion of the tunnel and it is a sobering experience for the Sarajevo tourist.

Sarajevo was also critical in another war – World War 1. It was in Sarajevo that Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated on June 28, 1914, the shot said to have started WW1. Today there is a plaque on the spot where this happened.

As if that wasn’t enough Sarajevo is also the only major European city to have a mosque, catholic church, orthodox church and synagogue within the same neighbourhood. It is often referred to as the Jerusalem of the Balkans and you can feel the different influences of these religions living together.

As so much of Sarajevo’s history is recent I would highly recommend that the Sarajevo Tourist do a walking tour. This is, without doubt, the best way to get a better understanding of this fascinating city.

Mostar Tour Day Trip

It is a long day trip from Sarajevo to Mostar but well worth it. The drive through the Bosnian countryside is lovely and allows you to get a better understanding of the country. This also fits quite well into a long weekend in Sarajevo. Several companies offer a Mostar tour (and check with your hotel) or we found a private driver so we could set our own schedule.

The Mostar bridge area is great for a wander. It is incredibly pretty. There are quite a few shops near the bridge with some lovely souvenirs. There are many different spots for interesting photos of the bridge. Head down to the river and get some shots looking up.

You can then do the bridge from both sides. However, my favourite spot for a shot was Koskin-Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque. For a small fee, you can visit the mosque and climb up the minaret for some amazing views over Mostar Bridge and old town. The best time of day for taking photos is as late in the afternoon as you can get up the minaret (5 pm in winter, 730pm in summer closing times).

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Mostar Tour and Sarajevo Tourist Flights:

It is also possible to do a day trip to Mostar from Dubrovnik so you have two airport options:

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Or try my favourite Middle Eastern Airlines – especially if you’re interested in flying business class:

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Or how about taking the train? 

Mostar Tour and Sarajevo Tourist Accommodation:

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Mostar Tour and Sarajevo Tourist Tours:

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Travelling solo? here are a couple of organised tour options that might be of interest:

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Mostar Day Trip: Visit one of the world's most famous bridges
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Sarajevo Bosnia and Mostar Bosnia are both stunning towns with so much history. The highlight of any trip to Bosnia is Mostar Bridge –...
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