Malaysia Airlines Business Class Review

malaysia airlines business class review

Poor old Malaysia Airlines. The brand at the front of two of the worst air disasters in recent years. They have bravely stuck with their name and are soldiering on. When the travel agent said they had the best deal business class to get to Thailand I thought gosh what are the odds of there […]

Turkey Itinerary 7 Days – featuring Cappadocia – for Boutique Hotel Lovers

Turkey has so much to explore. For me, the two places in Turkey which are completely unlike anywhere else in the world are its capital Istanbul and the magical Cappadoccia. It isn’t possible to see all of this country in a Turkey Itinerary 7 days but you can absolutely get a good sense of both […]

Scotland Itinerary 7 Days: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Isle of Skye for Boutique Hotel Lovers

scottish highlands tour itinerary

Planning a trip to Scotland? I have actually lost track of how many times I have been to Scotland. It is one of my favourite places. Sure the weather is all over the place but when it is good there are few places as beautiful on earth. If you’re looking to get a feel for […]