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Top 4 Things to Do in Las Vegas in September | Awesome Labor Day Fun and Blues

As the summer heat dissipates, Las Vegas gears up for another exciting season in September. The world’s entertainment capital offers a unique blend of glitz, glamour, and endless fun.

Whether you’re looking to hit the casinos, catch a show, or explore the surrounding natural wonders, Las Vegas has something to offer everyone. September in Sin City offers outdoor activities in the form of festivals and regular fun indoor attractions.

Whatever sparks your imagination, September is the perfect time to experience the best of what this bustling city has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at just some of what makes Las Vegas in September so special (Las Vegas should be on your bucket list anyway). We’ll also highlight some of the top events and activities you won’t want to miss.

Things to Book in Las Vegas Before You Leave Home
Few things are more frustrating on vacation than missing out on that amazing hotel or tour because it is sold out. Here are my top things to book in Anchorage before your vacation.

🎡 Most Popular Things to Do in Las Vegas:
1. Book A Show – from Cirque du Soleil to David Copperfield & more, hot Vegas shows sell out fast
2. Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon and Vegas Strip – my favorite tour
3. Hoover Dam Tour – be blown away by this engineering marvel
4. Skip the Line at the fantastic Mob Museum – my favourite attraction in Vegas

🛏️Where to Stay in Las Vegas
1. The Bellagio – the classic and where I stayed
2. The Venetian – Vegas at its biggest and best
3. Downtowner – hip and great value in downtown Vegas

skyline las vegas in september
Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Weather in Las Vegas During September

As September comes around, the weather in Las Vegas is still pleasant. It’s not too hot, and the days are sunny and mostly warm, with little to no rain. The desert location means that Las Vegas is mostly dry anyway. September is technically fall, so the worst of the summer heat has passed.

September still regularly sees temperatures averaging a high of 36°C. Daylight lasts around 12 hours. There’s still plenty of opportunity to enjoy the pool and work on a tan. Even evenings are warm, averaging 24°C.

The weather in Las Vegas in September is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and exploring the city. The pools at many hotels remain open this month, allowing visitors to enjoy a refreshing swim in the warm weather.


Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

What to Pack for Las Vegas in September

Summer may be technically over, but Las Vegas is still generally very warm (it remains one of the warmest states in the US all year-round), especially outdoors. Remember that most indoor venues are air-conditioned and will be cooler.

Luckily, you probably won’t even need to dress in layers. Comfortable shorts or jeans should be more than ample for bottoms, while light tops will also be more than adequate.

If you plan to be out in the sun, pack sunblock and some light long-sleeve cotton protection if you have sensitive skin. Here’s a quick checklist of what to pack for a July vacation in Las Vegas.

  • Wide-brimmed hat: It’s still hot, and the sun should be kept out of your face and off your neck.
  • High SPF sunblock: If you plan to be by the pool, cover up with some liquid protection.
  • Swimwear: Speaking of the pool, appropriate wear is required.
  • Flip flops: Easy on, easy off for those occasional dips.
  • Comfortable jeans: A flexible staple item for any bag, holiday, or day trips.
  • Comfortable shoes: Vegas usually involves a lot of walking, whether on the casino floors or at festivals and special events.
  • Mexican blouse – If you’re up for some fun, pack something Mexican-themed, especially if you’re participating in the Mexican Independence celebrations.

Top 4 Things to Do in Las Vegas in September Only

Las Vegas is a town known for its show business. So much so that it would be impossible to list every single show or spectacular here. It is, however, well worth noting what also happens annually.

These events may be of special interest to those looking to make a Las Vegas trip just that little bit extra memorable.


Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay 

1. Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas is a highly anticipated event among locals and tourists alike. It is a time when the city comes alive with a flurry of activity, and there is no shortage of things to do.

The national holiday is celebrated all over the country, but in true Las Vegas style, Labor Day weekend celebrations are pushed to 11 on the dial. The holiday is a tribute to workers’ contributions to their country’s strength, prosperity, and well-being. 

It is a day to recognise and honor the achievements and sacrifices of past and present workers who have played a critical role in building and maintaining our society. Labor Day also marks the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of the autumn season.

Many people celebrate the holiday by enjoying time off with family and friends, attending parades, and participating in other community events.

Exodus Festival Las Vegas

From Thursday to Monday, this epic adults-only party occurs at Wet Republic, Encore Beach Club, and XS Nightclub. The scene is EDM, so prep for lots of dancing with music provided by the genre’s foremost DJs and producers. 

Concert on Fremont Street

There is a free concert on Saturday evening of the weekend in the public space of Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. This year, 80s megastar Rick Springfield leads the charge, with Ric Waite and Men at Work completing the nostalgia trip.

Other Activities

A couple of other activities to consider over Labor Day Weekend include: 

  • Sports: Las Vegas is home to several professional sports teams, and games or matches often occur over Labor Day weekend.
  • Fireworks: Several casinos in Las Vegas put on spectacular fireworks displays over Labor Day weekend, offering a stunning visual experience for visitors.

Elsewhere, the city’s numerous venues, such as the MGM Grand Garden Arena and the T-Mobile Arena, host some of the most popular acts in the world. Many of the casinos also offer special promotions and events during this time, making it an even more exciting time to test your luck.

Dates: 1–4 September


Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay 

2. Big Blues Bender 2023

The ninth edition of the Big Blues Blender is a festival that celebrates the genre in good spirit and good music. It takes place at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Attendees will see more than 40 scheduled artists over five stages, including some of the country’s foremost artists in person and at their best.

One notable advantage to hosting the festival under one resort roof is that the entire event can be traversed with a little under-roof walking. That means no long delays at the portaloos, no looking for your tent, no food queues, and cool, temperature-controlled audience pits.

Dates: 7–10 September

mexican festival

3. Mexican Independence Day

Mexican Independence Day is on September 16th, but in true Las Vegas fashion, most events get spread out over the entire corresponding weekend. Las Vegas, a city that celebrates diversity, embraces Mexican Independence Day weekend with open arms. 

The city is known for its extravagant celebrations; this weekend is no exception. The festivities include various themed events, with music, food, and colorful displays.

Mexican Independence Day is observed as a national holiday in Mexico, but the weekend in Las Vegas feels like Mexico has come to town. Most establishments acknowledge the day in one way or another. The live music, food offerings, and parties at the resorts and casinos all honor the day. Expect to see the large Latino community out all weekend in celebration.

The parade is one of the most popular events during Mexican Independence Day weekend in Las Vegas. The parade takes place on September 16th and runs through the city’s heart, showcasing colorful floats, traditional costumes, and lively music.

Another event that draws crowds during the weekend is the Mexican Independence Day Festival. The festival in downtown Las Vegas features live entertainment, food, and vendor booths.

Side fact: Unlike most independence days that celebrate a victory or declaration of independence, September 16th marks the start of the Mexican War of Independence. On this day in 1810, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla called for Mexican Independence.

Dates: 15–17 September

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Image by young soo Park from Pixabay 

4. Life Is Beautiful 2023

The art fans out there will revel in the three days of celebration that Life is Beautiful. The title explains the general approach to celebrating the art, food, and stage culture of some of the country’s top performers, including culinary and fine artists, comedians, and musicians.

One of the unique aspects of the festival is its location. While most music festivals take place in wide-open spaces like parks or fields, Life is Beautiful is set in the bustling streets of downtown Las Vegas. This means that attendees are surrounded by the neon lights and iconic landmarks that make Vegas so famous, adding excitement to the already lively atmosphere.

Much of the downtown area hosts the goings-on, as the festival officially takes over 18 blocks’ worth of venue space. This is one of the largest music and art festivals in the city calendar. In 2023, headliners will include The Killers and Kendrick Lamar.

Dates: 22–24 September

sign for the arts factory
The Arts Factory

Where to Stay in Las Vegas in September

Las Vegas is not really about boutique hotels. I am sure there are some but honestly to have the full Vegas experience I am breaking with my boutique positioning and saying go for the full-on decadent 5-star experience – I consider it almost a tourist attraction to do this.

Here are my top choices on the Las Vegas strip:

For European glamour and top-end luxury, I loved my stay at The Palazzo.

palazzo hotel vegas
The very comfortable bed at the Palazzo

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For the full Oceans 11 experience, I highly recommend a stay at The Bellagio – there is so much going on at this stunning hotel.

My room at the Bellagio

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For a more old-world Las Vegas experience check out New York New York.

things to do in las vegas besides gamble

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Final Thoughts on Visiting Las Vegas in September

Las Vegas’s a lot to do in September, and many main events occupy entire weekends. The nature of those events also makes the entertainment varied, making it easy to find something to your taste.

If you need more convincing that life can be beautiful, look no further than Labor Day, Mexican Independence Day, and Life is Beautiful weekends this month. More than that, you could always look at these things to do in Las Vegas (besides gambling) for more.


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